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Why i should be president of the world (im not a tyrant i PROMISE)

UGH I HATE THE WORLD >:D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we can all agree that everyone who is in a position of power these days are all really sucky annoying ppl - not to get political but "can please just talk abt the political and economial state of the world rn". thats one of my fav quotes from my life inspirations, karate kid. hes a true king.

Anyway all people in positions of power are liers, cheaters, scammers,  wrinkly, incest born, outdated, and just generally dont have our best intrests at their hearts. This is where i propose that we just impeach all of them and elect me to be ultimate ruler of the world. dont worry im not a dictator!! <3 

Heres sum of what id do if i were qween of the world: i remove world debt. i mean seriously, world debt? who are we in debt to planet K215B?? as ruler id just remove that cuz who tf cares. ; id make all parking free cuz if we paid for da car why am i paying for common ordinary earth to park on???.; id undo inflation. theres no way, absolutely none that in a single lifetime, a freddo has gone from 25p to like £3 in some places. its bloody infathomable, detestable and downright sickening. aah i reminise on the days where i could by pringles, a freddo, haribos, and a magazine all on £2. If anyone challenges this movement ill destroy them cuz its really annoying when ppl say "aahh but yOu CaNt JuST PriNt MorE MonEy it MaKeS tHe prOoOobleM WoOooOOrSEee" like stop b4 i actually smack u. realisticlly, whatd be stoppin me from just priniting more. its ppl like this that id annhialte tho. (im not a totalitarian ruler thoo!!)

anywho this was just a random ramble cuz id be thinking abt this for too long. like im literally the most reasonable person to rule the world (not narcassism just facts)

bye #make_Antz_Kween | #Antz_4_Prez2024


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