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Witches' Flight ✮⋆˙

Witches' Flight

The Flight of Witches is one of many of the works of the wonderful and unique Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, where he created this piece of art in 1798, using various styles that could be labeled as romanticism combined with what would be themes about folkloric or magical themes.

★ click for see the paint !!
★ click for see more information about the paint !! • Author: Francisco de Goya • Creation: 1797 and c. 1798 • Location: Prado Museum (Spain) • Material: Oil and Canvas • Dimensions: 43.5 centimeters x 30.5 centimeters

Goya in the foreground presents his work to us in a gloomy, gloomy and gloomy place where it can give us the feeling of loneliness, where said place is dominated by an atmosphere of restlessness. One of the most essential parts of this painting would be the three witches that are floating in the atmosphere that the painting gives us, in addition to the fact that they are accompanied by a body, since it would give us to understand that they would be drinking the blood of said body.

In addition to the main element of the painting, it is also represented by two men who, according to the author, are two peasants, one of whom is lying on the ground covering his ears. It is not known exactly what could mean a specific thing. . But according to various sources they say that this is basically due to not hearing the flying beings. Likewise, there would be the second peasant who is covered with a white blanket who advances with the cape covered, protecting himself from the light and making the fig with his fingers, against the evil eye, and lastly there would be the donkey that is located behind the second peasant, that Goya wanted to give it a specific meaning, since it had the meaning of illiteracy and ignorance that abounded in those times.

(thanks to and wikipedia for giving me the necessary information to defend myself in addition to the specific information about the painting and the image)

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Eu adoro seus blogs🖤

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i literally always look at ur new blogs theyre always so freaking cool kaldjf;k

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Thank you !! ^__^

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your posts are always so interesting! :) is this the same artist that created saturn eating his son? both are very cool paintings. human creativity is so diverse its amazing what people paint

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Hey dude tysm !! And yep are the same artist

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rancisco de Goyas pieces are always so intriguing

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You are so real tummie ^__^

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