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WHY some of yall are imbeciles.

no one deserves to live if palestinians cant

rafah gets bombed midst the super bowl and everyone cares about lana del rey (supporter of israel, look at her whole history w. it) and taylor swift. as if they dont talk about them every second of the day for years. ppl can have their hobbies; i just dont care for the ppl who are so loud about the way artists slay and scream louder than dying pigs about them, than they do for maimed kids, wiped bloodlines, a toddler probably trapped alone with their family dead, slowly starving to death right fucking now! :) u have the right to support artists; i get wanting to have fun online, but the moment u support an imbecile like lana del rey ure deserving of the related online hate u come by

its not cool to be loud for someone like her. u just have a dreary morality and personality

and ppl whose countries aid this thinks they cant do shit, fucking do the french revolution!? thousands of americans planned to fucking invade area 51 on a whim yet ppl cant give back to their government for the good of their own and civilians suffering from ur nation???

i must be so evil wanting americans to stop paying their taxes to not go poor themselves and support a genocide lol

(i keep saying taylor, i just see her the most without seeking her out ever. the point is that)

before any idiot asks me what the point of this is, i needed to get it out. u never know what ur words could do if u choose silence. 
- and find the nobodies who might leave resentful replies <3 no paragraph holds bad in it for good ppl and i know that, im in check with human decency

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as someone who lives in the US, the majority of the country is pro-palestine or at least pro-ceasefire. its really the government that says "durrr who cares" *inserts a 3 Bill check to isreal for the 5th time this year* "and oh lets also say fuck you to everyone else as well" *removes another basic human right and puts it up for debate again* for basically shits and giggles at this point cuz what other reason do they have for this shit? oh right. m o n e y.

biden, our "global warming is bad and imma do smth abt it guy !!" he preached so much abt to win votes against trump in 2020 and then deadass signed a deal with a big oil company to drill in alaska cuz he was scared they would spank him or smth if he didnt. (the willow project, it has the same enviornment impact as ***76 COAL POWERED PLANTS IN A SINGLE YEAR.*** there were efforts to get biden to not do that but he did it anyway.)

its so blatantly hypocritical that its just. you cant in good concious vote blue against red anymore. blue mixed with red and now its just purple. theyre one in the same, just ones more obvious and headstrong about what they value and what they want. and the other just fucking lies to you all the time.

((if you couldnt tell i am very anti us governement. capitalism is killing us all and the US wont last much longer on a 300 year old outdated constitution and an extremely polarized and backwards people and government with mainly 2 party systems that barely function as a democratic process anymore.))

also while there is talk and even efforts to getting people to overthrow or at least take over/change the government, the governemtn is doing everything in its power to crush any measures taken from the get go. its also still debated within this space if violence is necessary/or a needed tool to get what we need. we also dont exaclty have a plan for afterwards, which some say is good cuz most revolutions ended up with shit being decided on the fly, others say is bad, etc ect.

uhh TD;LR

1. US sucks balls, will not last much longer as is
2. revolution is in the talks, its still split in many ways as what to do abt it
3. our "only" ultra rich choices for the next term are also booty balls (VOTE INDEPENDENT PARTIES ALL OTHER VOTING AGED US PEOPLE)
4. it all comes down to money.

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I'm so happy to live in a country that support Palestine but I just find it absolutely insane how people can still buy from companies or listen to artists that support Israel. Also those people from a while ago saying that they had "boycott fatigue" or whatever were just lazy slobs who couldn't last a day without buying a new Stanley cup that they dont need whilst listening to Lana del Ray. The fact that more people aren't speaking about Palestine confuses me. I try to talk about it to other people but they dont seem interested or just dont care, one of them literally said "It's not effecting me so I don't care about it" (I eventually got her to think otherwise and actually care about the genocide) But still a lot of my friends just dont care and one of them keeps saying "I love Lana she is such a queen" despite me telling her all the bad stuff she has done. By the way thank you for posting and spreading awareness about Palestine!! :D I hope you have an amazing day/night and thank you to anyone who decided to read my comment!! ^_^

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the whole "it doesnt affect me ..." mentality is nuts cus ure flat out saying u dont care about ANYONE else or any worldly incident bc it has nothing to do with u.

truly psychotic mindset to not care about the massbombing of civilians, its not cute quirky or cool. its pathetic to not support freedom fighters.

by Catra; ; Report

It is just straight up cruel because how can they not care about bloodlines being ended due to the fact it just doesn't effect them. I've asked my friends how and why they think like this and they just gave the same "It doesn't effect me so I don't care" and I said stuff like "Yeah but what if it was your family or your country??" and they said "Yeah but it isn't" I love my friends and they are really nice people but I cant understand how they just don't care about all the people getting their lives taken away from them.

by ratalise; ; Report

shit like that, ppl with such low mindsets like that, trigger me so badly. i could not care less if ur friends got hurt honestly, ppl can go fend for themselves in any way should they ever need help if thats the way they think of others; its rightfully gonna be returned and there is no way to deny it not deserved.

i think thats the mistake of the west, theyre so isolated about supporting just their own, self preservation when theyre not in danger. but no place will ever last at the top forever, especially not when u cause so much trouble for others and dont fix it. should the roles reverse with US/eu needing help, god knows yall screwed it for yourselves cus no one would help u out when ur history has shown a) little to no sympathy b) colonization and racism

by Catra; ; Report

I'm really scared for the people in my class since they are worse. They all have Stanley cups and they all buy from Israel supporting brands or listen to people like Taylor Swift etc. The worst part is they are all rich people who have never had anything wrong happen to them. My friends are kind of like this expect they dislike a lot of the things those girls like but they still dont care and buy from brands that support Israel. Is well nearly all the girls in my class are completely oblivious to the other bad stuff that companies they buy from do like child labour, the awful work conditions and the tiny wages they get. The people in my class either don't know about the war or just wont do research about it at all and I bet in a few years they are going to say that they were supporting Palestine the whole way just so they don't seem like a bad person.

by ratalise; ; Report


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yeah. honesty i start to feel like this is a test and everybody knows something but i don't.

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Not to mention the IOF soldiers posting about how they vandalize and loot Palestinian homes and causally admit to rape and other crimes, and, you know, just go on their day. It's absolutely unacceptable that Western media is spouting zionist propaganda and is trying to convince the public that Israhell is the victim in all this when it's clearly not the case.

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Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦

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The real question is why is the Palestinian National Authority continuing to cooperate with the State of Israel? I would have thought that they would have ordered the Palestinian National Security Forces to fight the IDF if Benjamin Netanyahu ever stopped pretending that his war on Palestinians is a war on Hamas. They should revolt! They should stage a rebellion against the Zionists!

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theyre being bombed to shreds not fighting back tho. and when they do ppl call them terrorists/siding with hamas. freedom fighters are always applauded if they dont fight back against the west's allies

by Catra; ; Report

So you’re telling me that the PNA would rather allow its offices to be bombed by the IDF or raided by militant settlers on the ground than to use its own paramilitary wing to fight back against such threats? That’s outrageous! The Palestinian people deserve better from their government. How much of a sellout do you have to be to decide that it is better to die than to be called a terrorist for trying to defend yourself? What a bunch of cowards! I thought the whole point of Yasser Arafat mobilizing supporters of the PNA into soldiers was to be able to secure Palestine’s independence from Israel.

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report

honestly idk about their own government/system too well down there, when i've tried to understand it has been more so focused on learning about hamas. but what kind of weapons do they have thats enough to fight back with whatever extremely expensive shit israel is being given? whatever way theyre fighting back (which im sure they do, theyre freedom fighters) it really goes unnoticed to me bc the damage they can bring upon israelis isnt nearly enough to stop israel or make headlines, i just see read about more land be stolen

by Catra; ; Report

That’s too bad. I would have thought that if the IDF were to actually commit genocide against Palestinians, then the Palestinian National Security Forces would start attacking them. Apparently, they’re a useless military. The people deserve better. I can’t believe that they’re so severely being let down by the very people who should have the power to stand up to Israel.

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report

eh by any means, palestine doesnt have the power to stand up against israel even if they used all their force and ppl. the usa is with israel, sponsoring them big with money and weapons. the worlds biggest military can easiiiily crush such a poor nation. if anything its a big shame that many countries arent punishing israel. except for brazil, bless their president

by Catra; ; Report

There has to be a way to get America to stop supporting Israel. This is an outrage! My country would unconditionally support a police state like Israel but would debate continuing to support a fledgling democracy like Ukraine. What a bunch of clowns!

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report


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This is all valid. As someone living in the United States, it sickens me to see how my country can just send billions to Israel and literally send military weapons to support a genocide. It's horrible. I've been in arguments with people because I don't support my president doing this, and others have gotten man assuming I support the other candidate for presidency. I don't, they both suck and the American election system and media sucks ass. I refuse to vote for either of them.

At my college at least we just officiated a club/organization for peace and justice in Palestine, which will try to tackle issues like this and spread awareness and put pressure on the government. It's a just a few of us, but hopefully we can do a lot.

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yall are amazing for that! the american system is actual lower than shit, when i learned that trump could run again after having broken laws??? its mindblowing how thats even legal

by Catra; ; Report

You’re telling me. He should have been removed from power as soon as he got impeached. Richard Nixon got impeached for an offense that was less egregious than all of the crimes that Donald Trump is known to have committed and he had to resign from office in the wake of what happened in Watergate. And yet Trump won’t even get a slap on the wrist even after being found guilty. What a broken legal system!

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report

the US legal system only shows its fangs against those who arent rich, white, cishet, male, ablebodied, neurotypical, and native born US citizens.

theres a reason why the country i also live in has a majority prison population of black and latinx men for really minor crimes (drug laws are over criminalized tbh and aka forced slavery since the age of reconstruction in the late 1800s cuz the white people hate the fact you need to pay your laborers adequately and not treat them like feces lol and still expect them to treat you like royalty in return.)

just casually remember that the US was forged on stolen land and the people who it originally belonged to are the most underprivileged and impoverished minority group in the US.

by denim; ; Report

Richard Nixon was a rich, white, cishet, male, able-bodied, neurotypical, native-born U.S. citizen, though. And yet, he still had to resign. Trump doesn’t even perfectly fit the profile of a perfectly privileged white man. How is he not in prison?

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report

cuz hes even richer. and he has a cult like fandom that dick rides so hard i dont know how he doesnt spread STDs indirectly to his fanbase

by denim; ; Report

not to mention he has a really manipulative and incredibly cunning set of regally expensive lawyers who get him out of trouble most if not all the time in some fashion

by denim; ; Report

Doesn’t Trump have all this debt that Nixon didn’t have, though? I would think that would increase the risk of ending up behind bars even with the benefit of a cult of personality around him.

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report

oh right, money.

yeah his lawyers handle all that too. they find and consistently use loop holes in the tax code and in other places to always keep their money and never pay taxes/pay them extremely minimally.

whats funny is that if anyone else tried doing that they wouldnt be rich enough to get away from the law for that long and likely be jailed anyway

by denim; ; Report

So, would the star of a reality TV show who also happens to be active in politics be more likely to get away with these kinds of crimes than a normal politician? Trump didn’t exactly have any prior experience with holding office before he became the president of the United States.

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report

hes literally in it for money. money is his first goal, money is his end goal. he does not give a flying fuck abt the US, he just wants to rake in some bank, with or without drama.

by denim; ; Report


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THIS THIS THIS! As a future anthropologist, seeing entire cultures getting wiped out in real time is absolutely devastating. Not only are we losing important cultural traditions, we are also losing so many historic sites to the repeated bombings (St. Porphyrius, for example, is the third oldest church IN THE WORLD and we are lucky only one of its buildings collapsed when it was hit during an airstrike). It's just... depressing. And extremely angering.

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its so sad and pointless, the history of millions in the past and now just destroyed

by Catra; ; Report

Let’s not forget that this is not the only genocide that Zionists have had a hand in. They’ve had a hand in the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Slobodan Milošović during the Yugoslav Wars. They’ve had a hand in the genocide of the Rohingya people by the Tatmadaw. They’ve even had a hand in the persecution of the Uygur people by the Communist Party of China. Never have I ever imagined that Zionists could be such bloodthirsty people.

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report


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Horrifying images & videos every single day.. I totally feel ya..

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Well said!! Thank you for sharing!! 👏

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