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Please Step Down, President Biden

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Our nation is in uncharted territory. Based on recent revelations from the DOJ, I believe President Joe Biden no longer appears to possess the necessary competence to hold the nation's highest elected office. The man needs medical care, not presidential responsibilities, and our nation needs a capable hand at the helm. Accordingly, we may be seeing the beginnings of an emergency transfer of presidential power during an election year.

Transfers of presidential authority aren't new. In total, there were nine times when a Vice-President of the United States had to assume the presidency in order to fulfill the remaining term of a deceased or resigned president, with two occurrences happening during my lifetime (Kennedy to Johnson and Nixon to Ford).

While little me didn't form any permanent memories of the American zeitgeist during the Kennedy/Johnson transition, I know from my parents and my research that military personnel and citizens alike were panicked over fears of a Communist effort to topple our government. Regarding the national mood during the Nixon/Ford transition, all I can say is that it was one of relief due to "Tricky Dick's" involvement in the Watergate scandal and his abandonment of South Vietnam. His actions led to the downfall of that country after decades of stymied American efforts to fend off North Vietnam.

That was then.

This, my friends, is completely different. No president was ever removed from office due to mental incapacity. None. If President Biden is even half as addled as reported, then I believe Congress should demand a forced transfer of power under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment for the continued safety of our nation because it's a diminished President Biden who could give the order to launch a nuclear strike or otherwise use his presidential authority to perform any number of actions that he--in his reduced state--might not realize as being harmful to America or the world.

Some argue that Presidents Trump and Reagan had competency issues during their tenures. However, assertions and suspicions of incompetence aren't proof, and in the assessment of Joe Biden's mental state there is absolute proof of his inability to remain our president. It is time, dear reader, for the 46th President of the United States to step down or be removed, and for Vice-President Kamala Harris to step forward as our 47th Chief Executive.


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