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I had another dream about you last night 

Seeing your beautiful face felt right 

I wanted to talk to you after school

I only wanted a moment alone with you 

You were wearing a pair of light blue jeans 

That always looked so good on you 

A black and white flannel shirt 

Talking to you started to hurt 

A girl suddenly appeared next you

Capturing your sweet lips as if I didn't exsist

I don't know If you noticed me 

As I ran away from you and the girl 

That was attached to you 

I found a nice red truck

That I coudn't drive in reality 

You trailed not that far behind me 

I never thought you'd follow 

My broken heartbeats 

You were ready to run away 

Like I wanted to six years ago 

When we were both tired 

Of the manipulation of the linker 

That brought us together   

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