give me your opinions on internet censorship

Internet censorship is the legal control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet. Censorship is most often applied to specific internet domains (such as, for example, but exceptionally may extend to all Internet resources located outside the jurisdiction of the censoring state.

i am doing a project on internet censorship and personally i think it is actually very interesting.

in my opinion, i don't think the goverment should have control over the WWW's content. in the first place, it's almost impossible to do so. the entire concept of the internet in the first place is to be decentralized. how would you even manage to be able to control what comes in and out of the network?

politically, i think anyone should be able to say anything they want. even if it is insensitive or unacceptable. there should be punishment for vile actions, ie hate crimes, even if they are routed through the internet -- but there is no way to keep it from happening in the first place. i would even argue to use of the internet can pacify the behavior of potentially violent people and snuff behavior before it gets out of hand.

the government should be able to see the internet, yes-- everyone should! but to censor it is impossible.

this is my opinion as a teenager whos done minimum at best research. i don't want to argue, i want to learn how other people see things. ^__^ please correct me on anything !

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Deb ★ 🍉

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the only thing that should be censored imo is extremism
Like people calling for the death of Jews because of Israel & people that did it earlier but with Arabs during 9/11
And also people that say children showing off their bodies is "okay" in the name of "body positivity"

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mako 🦋

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to me, i dont think internet censorship should exist. i feel like there are some places where its okay, but overall it defeats the purpose of the internet and limits free speech.

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Internet censorship to me is kind of stupid because it defeats the purpose of the internet... as long as there are tools for people to block out what they don't want to see, I don't think it's an issue for other people to say what they want to say. Though it'd be better if those kinds of people(lets say racists) don't say anything at all. But completely wiping out what people can and can't see by law is just... stupid.

And even then those policies would only benefit and protect the bad and harm the good anyway... at least that's what I think

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the gov has a tendency to benefit the bad and harm the good i find often ! i agree about what people say , in my opinion, there is no point in being discriminatory , but not everyone shares that opinion :oP

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