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Survey thingy

*The Survey*
Q. What's ur Fav. Color?
A. Probably a neon green or orange. Or red! Red is good.
Q. What's ur Fav. Food?
A. Anything with Veal/Venison
Q. Do you have a G/F or B/F ?
A. My Girlfriend Tabby ❤
Q. Have you ever Been in Love ?
A. Not romantically, but yeah, I've loved.
Q. Have you liked Someone so much it made ya cry?
A. Nope
Q. Have you ever taken Drugs ?
A. Are you a narc?
Q. Gotten Drunk?
A. Once or twice
Q. Gotten High ?
A. 👍
Q. Gone on stage?
A. Yeah, scary.
Q. Peed in ur Pants?
A. ..As a kid.
Q. Stayed home on a Saturday night just because?
A. Duh :p
Q. Are you happy in Life ?
A. Kinda? Sorta? Maybe?
Q. What guy/girl do you wish you were with right now?
A. Sir Thomas Jones Woodward

*All About Your Friends*
Q. Do you have Best Friends?
A. For sure!
Q. Who do you email the most
A. Charles probably
Q. Who are most emails from ?
A. Advertisments
Q. Who is the loudest of your friends?
A. Me maybe
Q. Who is the shyest?
A.  I dunno!
Q. Who has the best Smile ?
A. All of my friends :3c
Q. Who has the best eyes ?
Q. Who is the best lookin ?
A. Me duh
Q. Who is the Biggest Flirt?
A. Hrmm none of us unless you count Kate's jokes
Q. Who is the Tallest ?
A.  Dunno!
Q. Who's the shortest ?
A. Mymy
Q. Do you like your friends?
A. Duh
Q. Who do you go to For advice ?
A. Danny!
Q. Who takes ur advice the most ?
A. Idk LOL
Q. Who's the most dependable ?
A.  All of them!
Q. Who knows ALL ur secrets ?
A. Danny probably knows the most, but not ALL
Q. Who do you tell most ur secrets to ?
A. Danny & Mymy
Q. Who do you Cry with?
A. Tom Jones
Q. Who do you laugh w/ ?
A. All my buddies :)
Q. Who is the most likely one to be successful??
A. I think we will all die in a fire before we reach success
Q. Who do you have the most inside jokes w?
A. Mymy & Danny!
Q. Who have you known the longest ?
A. Err IDK!
Q. Who are your enemies ?
A. The haters ╰(‵□′)╯

*Next Part Of SURVEY*
ARE YOU.............
Good Looking? Maybe :3
Shy? Nope
Quiet? Sort of
Boring? Sometimes... RIP

*In the Last 3 Days*
HAVE YOU.........
Helped Someone?
Sort of?
Bought Something?
Dissected Something?
Cut your Hair?
Yes! With my knife... ouch
Kiss'd Someone?
Miss'd someone?
Told someone you luv'd them?
Hugged Someone?
Fallen in Love?
Met Someone new?
A few people!
Talked to someone you have a crush on?
Just my girlfriend..
Moved On?
From who?

*Another Part*
Q. What CD is in ur CD player ?
A. Weird Al's Alapalooza
Q. What's your Fav sport?
A. Baseball!
Q. What Room is ur computer in?
A. My bedroom & The kitchen :p
Q. What color is the carpeting in that room ?
A. Beige
Q. What's the outfit you wear the most?
A. My boxers & whatever shirt/jacket I have lying around, I don't really go out. If I do, I put on my bellbottoms, tho.
Q. What is ur shoe size?
A. Size 40 :p
Q. What's ur biggest turn on?
A. 😧
Q. What is ur job ?
A. Whatever I can find to do
Q. What song best describes You ?
A. I dunno..!
Q. What's the weirdest thing you've ever done?
A. Fell asleep in a trash can :p
Q. Who is the worst person to talk to on AOL?
A. Ehh i never talk to people on AOL

*Last part of Survey*
Today :p
Fell Over?
Er.. A couple days ago
Watched a Video?
Eaten Curry?
Actually no clue..

Are you Tired?
Are you Hungry?
Nope, I had breakfast!
Are you Eating?
Are you Really Happy?

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