a safety post

this site is like 80% minors. alot of the other 20% are creepy adults and nobodys been saying this but theres alot of creepy !!minors!! that happen to be just a bit older that the others they prey on

kids on here overshare way too much and i felt like i had to say this

  • dont share info abt ur location (address, town) or places that ur currently at (roads, highways, buildings). if u do wanna make a post abt location, lets say going to the mall, instead of "i am at ABC mall in florida" js say "im at the mall rn"
  • dont share too much personal info abt urself like ur full name
  • dont post pics of ur house, car, school, or area u live in
  • if you get creep vibes from someone, trust ur gut and block them; if someone is breaking the tos with you report them
  • stop being sexual with people even if they are a minor aswell. idc if its a joke or not bc first off, ur a kid (dont forget that) and second, u dunno if that person is grooming u or feeling actual arousal from u which is plain wrong and disgusting
  • if you think someone is grooming you, talk to an adult or older person u trust such as a parent, teacher, older sibling, friend, or an adult you know online
  • stop tmi posting unless its rlly tame stuff bc ppl have super weird kinks man
  • if u rlly like a person online and wanna date them, no 5 months of knowing them is not a good enough time to ask them out bc (ur gonna weird a normal person out lol) u dont even know that person very well and even if you do DONT OVERSHARE!!!
i hope this was useful in some way. 

js remember that not everyone ur computer says ur friends with is your friend and u should be careful no matter what. i just dont wanna see anyone getting hurt <3

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THIS THIS THIS!!!! As an adult who was (probably) groomed over the internet as a kid (14ish years ago), I worry so much about minors on the internet today. The internet is not really any safer than it was when I was a kid, things are just more polished and we are much more socialized to be comfortable on the internet. Seconding the people saying that you don't really know your mutuals on here and that people can lie about their age extremely easy.

One million kudos to you. This was really well written.

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i 100% agree

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it's so easy for older people to lie about their age on the internet! like literally what's stopping a 40 year old person from stealing a photo off the internet, writing "i'm 14" on their profile and tricking you!

thx for this post, it's written well

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Cranky Old Witch

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I endorse this message

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thanku 4 this!!!!! reminder that u dont actually know ur mutuals guys!!!

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This is worded rlly well, tysm <3

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ur welcome, i felt like it needed to be said yk

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ppl on spacehey share way too much personal info tbh

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giving out whole lists of medical diagnoses :skull:

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fr! i dont want to come across as if im shaming ppl, but it lowkey scares me how ppl will literally put out a biography of their life on here. especially when there pfp is their irl FACE.

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i hate how so many social medias say "friends" like no- theyre possible future friends. mutuals and acquaintances. "following"/"followers" sounds better than "friends" on social media and those following terms sound weird to me, like cult shit, but thats probably just me

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yeah its like some weird kinda psychology targeted at kids

by jelly-✭ (semi-inactive); ; Report

im still trying to find code to change "crimson has x friends" on my pf to say "crimson has x mutuals"

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if u find it pls share

by jelly-✭ (semi-inactive); ; Report

will do! :]

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