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Hi! This is before you interact :)Β 

Please know I can be sensitive at times or sometimes rude so please be careful! usually, I'm not rude or mean most of the time just depends on my mood. also, I have bad grammar sometimes so please try to be mindful of that. along with being patient with me and yeah that's pretty much it before you interact with me ALSO I AM HISPANIC BUT I'M NOT FLUENT ON SPANISH :( + use tone tags for ex. /j /hj /srs /hsrs /lyr /dir stuff like that ^^ (or you can search up tone tags!)Β 

DNI: If you're under 13 but thin ice is if you're turning 13 soon. make bad jokes or dirty jokes or even weird questions PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY OF THESE EVER i have a girlfriend so thank you!! <3 And also pro-shippers or com-shippers please get off my page don't even think of looking at my page and adding me as a friend./srs OR IF YOU DISRESPECT THERIANS. OR EVEN THINK ABOUT DISRESPECTING ANYONE'S RELIGION / BELIEFS DNI KINDLY!!Β  Β 

INT: If you have the same interests, Love any type of music, want to talk about other fandoms, or introduce me to any fandoms! Love Twilight or Vampire Diaries, pinleaf shippers!!?/srs I also am a multi-shipper :D! Coinfirey shippers!!/srs IF YOU LOVE LAUFEY OR MITSKI = BFFS?!!!?!?!?!??!/J and that's all I can think about but anywaysΒ 

Baibai!! ^_^Β 

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