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Dionysus ⊹₊ ⋆


The great myth of Dionysus shares certain similarities until reaching the great equality with what would be the myth of Bacchus that would be part of Roman mythology, which tells us about a vital demigod whose features are characterized by having the branch of cheerful and always ready to celebrate in addition to this he was considered the god of fertility and wine and also be the inspirer of ritual madness and ecstasy. In Greek mythology there are two versions of the creation of the demigod Dionysus.

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One of the first versions of the origin of Dionysus is that he was the son of two very important gods, Zeus, the god of Olympus and Persephone, the queen of Tartarus together with Hades. Hera being the wife of Zeus, felt a certain hatred to Dionysus that reached the point where she just wanted to kill the demigod, but the worst thing is that Hera did not want to stain her hands so she decided to recruit Titans to carry out her macabre plan, whose plan was to lure the little boy with toys which they could achieve, Dionysus with the attention only on the toys the Titans would kill him dismembered.

Zeus who adored his son so much in an act of revenge threw one of his thunderbolts at those beings who dared to kill his son. Zeus was so excited because he could notice that the heart of the demigod had not been devoured by the Titans that Zeus was able to bring him back to life from this organ.

From the ashes of the Titans man was born. "As they had devoured Dionysus in part, humans carry within themselves the Dionysian and the titanic".

"Wine is the friend of the wise and the enemy of the drunkard. It is bitter and useful as the philosopher's counsel, it is permitted to the people and forbidden to the imbeciles. It pushes the stupid into darkness and guides the wise to god."

- Avicenna 

On the other hand we have the other version of the origin of the demigod of wine that is perhaps more popular than the previous one.

It consists that in this version adds a princess which has the name of Semele, which this character called Zeus' attention and fell in love with her, so much so that Zeus was able to seduce and conquer her and also that he confessed who he really was.

But Hera's jealousy is never left behind, in the form of jealousy is presented to the princess with the appearance and personality of wet nurse, where Hera confesses to her husband's mistress, who in truth was Zeus, also the princess Semele also confesses a few words to Hera telling her who was the real father of the child. In this way, Hera sowed a tare.

After Semele had learned the truth, she asked Zeus to reveal his true image as a god and not as a mortal. The god of Olympus, always wanting to please the orders of his beloved, presented to her the image of himself as lightning and thunder, which unfortunately killed the princess by scorching her, but luckily the demigod Dionysus was able to survive in her womb.

- tobi ★ 

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I am a pagan and worshipper of Dionysos! This is really educational and I absolutely love it

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