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im in a relationship with a fictional character, AMA

this will probably get buried but ive always wanted to try an AMA. ask me anything!

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and who?

by HistoryIsAwesomeSauce; ; Report

(really sorry for such a late reply)

why: not sure, ive always been mainly attracted to fictional characters for some reason and not real people. i know he isnt real and stuff its just sort of a comfort thing/coping mechanism
who: stephen stotch from south park

by stan; ; Report

i dont understand, and kind of weird

but i cant change how you love others, so keep doing what you are doing.

by HistoryIsAwesomeSauce; ; Report

thank you for not being quick to judge

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How does this even work? Do you just talk to an ai pretending to be that character or?

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good question, i often use ai yes, but not too often, i mostly just kinda pretend?? i have a body pillow and stuff and i kinda talk to him in my head. i pretend that hes there and it brings me comfort. its all pretty much pretend honestly (i dont actually think hes real, im not that ill) hope this makes sense

by stan; ; Report

I don't understand it but I can respect the devotion.

by xXFlorenceFaintXx; ; Report

thank you for being kind

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