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Sobbing /pos

When you can put your preferred name on the online activities for school :D

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leafy!! ★

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best feeling ever honestlyyyyyy
also when teachers ask your pronouns >>>>>

my mom is kinda of a public figure in town so im scared of using my preferred name (she doesnt mind, she knows im gender fluid) but still im just so scared of people being like "wait, arent you 'birthname'?" and then im having to explain it all and AAAAAAA-

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My mum technically knows I'm nb but she still uses she/her and my deadname:(

by I love you >__<; ; Report

mine tooooo so frustrating, but at least she doesnt complain anymore when i dress like a guy

by leafy!! ★; ; Report

I've always been a "tomboy" so she can't really complain lolz

by I love you >__<; ; Report


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Glad ur happyyy!!!!

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