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reflecting on the week ★ dec 25 -> dec 31

monday (dec 25), christmas day! i got pretty much everything i wanted, including rayman 2! after that i got my friends to watch monkey wrench with me and they really liked it! i’m glad they did. we ended up eating lunch a little later than planned, but it was still pretty good, christmas lunch usually is. at the end of the day i used the gift cards i was given to get some games i’d been wanting to play!

i woke up on tuesday (dec 26) to find that i got a message back about a question i asked, i responded and am still waiting for them to get back to me on that. after that i decided to try and find shrimp’s collar in the upturned alongside a friend. we tried looking everywhere on the asylum floor but no collar anywhere, that’s when we looked it up and found out that it was actually on a floor we hadn’t reached yet. we still had fun with it though!

not a whole lot happened on wednesday (dec 27). a whole lot of nothing besides going to one place.

i relistened to “in case i make it,” on thursday (dec 28). i forgot how much i like the album! so many of the songs have animation potential, and i might actually follow through on some of those ideas.

it was actually sunny out on friday (dec 29), which was a surprise considering how cloudy and rainy it had been recently. my friend got wobbledogs that day so i got to watch them play and make some monstrosities. after that i played subway midnight, it didn’t take too long to play it all the way through. i ended up getting another one of my friends into monkey wrench too! later on i got to talk to someone i hadn’t been able to talk to in a while. we had a nice talk, talked about what we’d be up to and what-not. i hope we get to talk again soon-ish.

the third episode of monkey wrench was released on youtube saturday (dec 30)! i had planned to watch it with a friend, but we decided to just watch it together another time. i really hope the new episode gets good traction on youtube though. later i watched my friend play help wanted 2. they were freaking out about everything, it was pretty fun to watch them go through it! i had some fried ravioli for dinner and played groove coaster for the first time. groove coaster was pretty fun, of course i’m not the best at it, but i think i’m pretty decent considering how little i’ve played so far!

sunday (dec 31), new year’s eve! i started playing bokura with a friend. we played until we got stuck on one puzzle, there just didn’t seem to be any way to solve it. that’s when we joined some other friends in what they were doing. i started to think about making some new year’s resolutions, maybe i’ll make some once the new year actually hits.

i had a lot of fun this week, i can’t wait for the new year!

hopefully next week i’ll be able to work towards doing more things in the new year!

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