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Get to Know Me Survey ^^

Took this from luizzz☣ not sure where they got it lol


name: Dorsia

pronouns: he/she or mirror

birthday: June 24

siblings: 1


hair color: brown

eye color: hazel

height: 5'6"

look like a celeb: Yep, Sarah Bernhardt (according to my bestie)

dye your hair: No but I wish (green or blue probably)

have braces: Not since high school

wear glasses: Yes

wear contacts: No

piercings: No but I want so many :( ears eyebrows nose lips the whole bit

tattoos: No but I WANT SO MANY (I have a whole map of what tattoos I want where)


color: I always say it's purple but it's blue tbh

video game: Lethal Company

tv show: Powerpuff Girls

animal: Barn owl

food: Hot wings >:3

drink: Arnold Palmer babey

day of the week: Friday obvi

season: Winter (I live in Texas and it doesn't start getting cold until like December)

song: Grrrr I gotta choose only one umm Color Me Once by Violent Femmes

band: WHY are you only making me choose one?? Ok I'll go with Linkin Park

teacher: Professor Stanley (love your film classes <3)

class: Film (College bitchesss)

holiday: Halloween obvi

book: The Last Temptation of Christ

flower: Lavender


summer or winter: Winter

cats or dogs: Cats

pepsi or coke: Soda gives me migraines >~<

ocean or pool: Pool

black or white: Black

chocolate or vanilla: CHOCOLATEE

rock or rap: Both

tv or movie: Movie

stars or hearts: Stars!!

bracelets or necklaces: Necklaces

gold or silver: Gold


taken or single: Single

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