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supersillywilly callout

this is a call-out. sillywilly has committed many crimes, on and off of social media. it is disgusting what they have done.

they have manipulated and gaslighted people. specifically Xx_g4rf1eld_xX. going as far as to make a blog calling them a traitor, saying "I thought Xx_g4rf1eld_xX loved me, but I guess not". they gaslighted garf, and caused much harm. it is disgusting. here's the proof V. it has been said they said slurs to garf's friend like pink, purple, and keyboard. all of which they can't reclaim (no proof). they are not safe to be around, I suggest staying away, especially if you see them in publicĀ 

they have been caught stealing diapers, Pringles, and other items.

let me know if you have anymore informationĀ 

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