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Get to know me!!

name: Addy or Addison or AJ (my middle name starts w a J)

pronouns: she/her

birthday: 4/9

siblings: 4 ;-;

job: student 0.o


hair color: light blonde

eye color: blue

height: roughly 6’

ethnicity: english/german

Look like a celeb: I’ve been told Taylor swift but I think that is absolute bs

dye your hair: never but I wear colored hair extensions often 

have braces: yes :/

wear glasses: nope

wear contacts: nope

piercings: 2 on my ears but I want more

tattoos: thought about getting some but I don’t think I could take the pain personally 


color: teal/black

video game: Skyrim, Cyberpunk, Final fantasy 13(all 3)

tv show: JoJos, Baki, Lain, Tokyo ghoul, soul eater, death note 

animal: Foxes

food: chicken fingers

drink: grape soda

day of the week: Friday 

season: winter

song: too many but I’ll say Sweat the battle before the battle sweats you - Cute is what we aim for 

band: Cute is what we aim for, all time low, asking Alexandria, Pierce the veil, breathe Carolina, kmfdm, type o negative, Brokencyde, dot dot curve, Attack attack

class: free period and band

holiday: Halloween and xmas

book: Vampire Academy and King Arthur and his knights of the round table 

flower: hydrangea and wisteria


summer or winter: winter

cats or dogs: cats

pepsi or coke: coke

ocean or pool: ocean

black or white: black

chocolate or vanilla: chocolate 

rock or rap: rock

tv or movie: tv

stars or hearts: stars

bracelets or necklaces: both 

gold or silver: silver 


taken or single: single lol 

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