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emo ask game !!

Xx_Welcome To My Twisted Mind_xX

1.) What is your name?


2.) Emo, Scene, or both?

emoo, i kinda look scene rn but im tryna look more emo

3.) Post a selfie.

4.) How old are you? 

4teen !!

5.) When did you first become emo/scene?

muzic wize i grew up with it but rlly got in2 emo muzic at 11, & the fashion juzt this year

6.) What’s your favorite color?


7.) Is it just a phase or a lifestyle?

itz a lifestyle idc

8.) Major labels or indie labels?


9.) How old were you when you first starting using the internet?

i think 6..

10.) Are you more into cute stuff or creepy stuff?

creepy 4 sure im not into cute stuff much

11.) Do you wear more than one color?


12.) Do you draw or write on your converse?

i did when i had a pair but theyre 2 small now ;/

13.) Do you wear glasses?

yas i need them 2 see

14.) Black dye or multi-color?

black with juzt some color (how imma do my hair next lolz)

15.) Tim Burton or John Hughes?

tim burton

16.) Do you spike the back of your hair?

i try 2 but im not very gud at it yet

17.) Are labels restrictive or helpful?

helpful, it helpz categorize thingz 

18.) Nothing Feels Good by Andy Greenwald or Everybody Hurts by Leslie Simon and Trevor Kelley?

everybody hurts

19.) Do you have any piercings? Do you want them?

YEAH N I WANT MORE !! i have 1 side of my lip n my earz, imma redo the other side f mai lip but not my septum

20.) Do you have any tattoos? Do you want them?

noo but i want some so bad

21.) Where do you buy your clothes?

moztly hot topic or temu

22.) What’s your favorite outfit?

da hot topic pantz my friend gave me & 

23.) What posters do you have up in your room?

i have 2 reput them up but i have a sonic, hot cheetos, local hockey team, soul eater, & i think one more (I NEED BAND POSTERZ SO BAD !!)

Xx_Cross My Heart With A Knife_xX

24.) Are you alright today?

im okay i guess but i have skewl work 2 do blegh

25.) Do you have a diary?

yeah but i dont rlly uze it like i should lolz

26.) Are you an introvert or extrovert?


27.) Is it better to sound good and well produced or to sound raw and real?

both but i prefer raw & real

28.) What lyrics bring you to tears?

none really.. im not an eazy crier

29.) Has a band ever saved your life?

yeah, shinee & bvb have helped me out a lot in juzt getting thru

30.) Have you ever been bullied for what you like?

yeah but i think that waz the leazt of da bullying

31.) What’s your favorite book?

the outsiderz

32.) What’s your favorite movie?

ever ?? probably deadpool

33.) Do you wear eyeliner/eyeshadow?

hell yeah all da time

34.) Have you ever been broken up with?

sadly yeah

35.) Do you write poems?

every now & then when im sad

36.) Are you a vegetarian/vegan?


37.) Are you a straight edge?


38.) What’s your religion?

i dont really follow one rn

39.) Where’s your happy place?

on an ice rink

40.) What do you do when you feel anxious?

if i cant juzt leave the situation then i uzually have an anxiety orpanic attack cuz idk how 2 handle my anxiety very well..

41.) How often are you on the internet?

like all day since i do online schooling

42.) What’s your guilty pleasure?

idk off the top of mai head

Xx_Rawr Means I Love You In Dinosaur!_xX

43.) Do you read creepypastas?

YEAH !! moztly watch jordan presegati on yt though cuz i like da drawingz

44.) Do you have OCs?

yeah i have abunch since i like writing storiez

45.) Have you ever made an AMV?


46.) Do You Watch Invader Zim?

i luvv invader zim i grew up watching it

47.) Do you like Hello Kitty?

shez okay

48.) What’s your favorite Pokemon?

papulio or whatever hiz name iz the blue one w pink noze

49.) What’s your Harry Potter house?


50.) What Warriors clan are you?

dont know.. never ito warrior catz

51.) What anime do you watch?

soul eater, death note, sonic x, pokemon, 

52.) Do you drink Monster?

not often now but i wanna get some

53.) What your favorite music video?

cut me clean from johnnie guilbert

54.) What’s your MySpace/FriendProject?


55.) What’s your DeviantArt?

i dont uze denviant

56.) Do you make Blingees?h


57.) MySpace/FriendProject or Tumblr?

spacehey im not on tumblr much nowadayz

58.) Vampires or Werewolves?

vzmpirez v--v

59.) Charlie the Unicorn or Llamas With Hats?

llamaz with hatz

60.) What’s your desktop look like?

Xx_Band Trash_xX

61.) What’s your favorite genre of music?


62.) What’s your favorite album/ep?

she is

63.) What’s your favorite song?


64.) What’s your favorite band/duo/act?

black veil bridez

65.) Who’s a musician you want to meet?

ryan ross

66.) What bands do you/did you have in your locker?


67.) What’s an obscure band you absolutely love?


68.) What’s your favorite lyrics?

"i dont understand but i luvv, but i luvv you"

69.) Guitar solos or breakdowns?


70.) Rites of Spring or Embrace?

ritez of springz

71.) Husker Du or Fugazi?

who or WHO

72.) Jawbreaker or Lifetime?


73.) Indian Summer or Moss Icon?

idk theze guyz

74.) Braid or Hot Water Music?

75.) Mineral or Texas Is The Reason?

76.) Saetia or Funeral Diner?

77.) Dashboard Confessional or Bright Eyes?

78.) Taking Back Sunday or Brand New?

taking back sunday

79.) At The Drive-In or Thursday?

80.) Jimmy Eat World or Paramore?

jimmy eat world

81.) Saves The Day or The Get-Up Kids?

82.) HIM or Evanescence?


83.) Circa Survive or Coheed & Cambria?

84.) Silverstein or Hawthorne Heights?

kill me 4 even makng a decisioin but silverstein

85.) Green Day or Blink 182?


86.) Fall Out Boy or The Academy Is…?

fall out boy

87.) Alkaline Trio or AFI?


88.) Senses Fail or Armor For Sleep?

armor 4 sleep

89.) Chiodos or Saosin?

90.) My Chemical Romance or The Used?

the uzed 

91.) Hellogoodbye or Panic! At The Disco?

panic but only old

92.) Aiden or From First To Last?

from 1zt 2 lazt

93.) The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Underoath?

94.) Avenged Sevenfold or Bullet For My Valentine?

bfmv i dont lizten 2 avenge 7fold

95.) Dear Whoever or A Vain Attempt?

dk theze guyz

96.) Attack Attack or Enter Shikari?

97.) Dot Dot Curve :) or Brokencyde?


98.) Jeffree Star or Scotty Vanity?


99.) Breathe Carolina or 3OH!3?


100.) Never Shout Never or The Ready Set?

im not 

101.) Escape The Fate or Falling In Reverse?

escape da fate i h8 ronnie

102.) Bring Me The Horizon or Suicide Silence?

bmth my uncle luvvz them 2

103.) Pierce The Veil or Sleeping With Sirens?

sws all day but i do luvv ptv juzt not az much

104.) Black Veil Brides or Asking Alexandria?


105.) Everyone Everywhere or Joie De Vivre?

idk either of theze

106.) Lil Peep or Nothing,Nowhere.?


Xx_In The End I Got An Honorable Mention_xX

107.) Who’s your favorite Emocore/Scenecore blog?

i dont know any tbh.. i gotta find some that are still active

108.) What do you think of As It Is’s The Wounded World and Patty Walter’s New look?

idc for it

109.) Which is better? Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge or The Black Parade?

3 cheerz 4 sweet revenge duh

110.) Do you think Emo/Scene will make a comeback?

hell yeah

111.) What’s your favorite B-Side?

god bless you from bvb

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