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★ Survey (because I am bored) ★

name: Dexter

nickname: Dex

how old are you: 18

zodiac sign: Scorpio

current location: In my room?

eye color: Blue

hair color: Ginger

hair type: Hair type

height: 5'2 I think

what's your middle name: Dave Strider (Not really I just didn't want to say)

shoe's you wore today: Jokes on you I didn't swear shoes today HA HA, I just stayed at home and watched a Christmas movie with my family

your weakness: I don't have a weakness


have you ever ridden a mechanical bull: Yeah maybe idk (I forgor)

goal you would like to achieve this year: Reach 5k subscribers, make more cool animations, finish Dream Bunnies episode 3

first thought when you wake up: I gotta see what people are saying in the groupchat

best physical feature: I don't know

who is your bestest friend: I have friends but I don't really have a best friend

when is your bedtime: Uhhhh

your most cherished memory: I forgor

pepsi or coke: COKE 

mc dondalds or burgerking: I hate both

single or group dates: I don't know

what is the last song you sang: I don't know

does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: Maybe

what is your biggest pet peeve: I can't really recall right now

do you drink: No

ever been drunk: No

do you smoke: No

do you "SMOKE": No

do you sing: Sometimes

what color underwear do you have on: What

do you want to go to college: Maybe

have you ever been in love: No

do you want to get married: No

do you believe in others: No.. maybe?

do you like thunderstorms: Yes

do you play an instrument: No

what do you want to be when you grow up: A successful artist, animator who has a successful animated series called The Dream Bunnies

what country would you like to visit: I don't know but travelling would be nice

how many CD's do you own: None

how many DVD's do you own: None

how many tattoo's do you have: None

how many piercings do yo have: None

how many things in the past do you regret: I don't know I was cringe back then maybe I still am now


shoes: Black boots

radio station: I don't listen to the radio

drink: Monster energy

car: Black cars look cool

place: I don't know

song: Hard to choose which my favourite song is

movie: THE LORAX

moment: Bruh moment

color: Dark blue

meal: Shephards Pie


favorite eye color: I don't know

favorite hair color: I don't know

short or long hair: I don't know

height: I don't know

body type: I don't know

does ethnicity matter: No

piercings: I don't know

tattoos: I don't know

In conclusion I do not care


do you think you are attractive: Yes

are you attracted to someone who does not know it: No

would you like to be someone's fantasy:  I don't know?

hunter or hunted: Hunted

do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: I don't know

a little or a lot of tongue: None?

older or younger: Older

lights on/lights off or candle light: Candle light so you can be that one cartoon character like holding a little candlestick and when you sleep you go "honk shoe honk shoe" I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT IM SAYING

do you like to cuddle after: AFTER WHAT

do you like to cuddle in general: Not really


what is todays date: 15/12/2023 Almost Christmas

what time is it: 10:14 pm

who are you thinking of: No one

what are you listening to: South by quannic on Soundcloud

do you love someone: No

do you know where your mechanical bull is: In the sky 

does someone love you: No

is it raining: No

are you happy: Sometimes

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