one worry i have about tiktok / twitter culture stuff

weve seen "anti-mspec lesbian" "no kink at pride" "dont say slurs even if u can reclaim" become commonly held "leftist" beliefs on those kinds of sites and ive realized. those beliefs are held by people because

1. they justify peoples natural uncomfortable-ness with things that go against everything theyve ever been taught and tell them its ok, and that that uncomfortable-ness is actually morally right and 2. have been popularized by conservative pundits who, of course, want to instill conservative values in any way possible

and now that im thinking about it, it wouldnt be that hard to create a "misinformation is fine" kind of movement. because on sites like tiktok and twitter (im not calling it x) misinformation is fucking CONSTANT and if theres one things people hate! its being corrected on information

and who would benefit from misinformation being the "leftist" thing to do? conservatives in power and basically every person who wants to make any marganlized folks lives hell.

just something to think about. 

i might be off my rocker but ive seen crazier things happen in the past few years.

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"no kink at pride" people when they find out that at first gays/trans people were only accepted in fetish clubs/kink clubs.

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