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Survey X3

} info about yourself, its up to you what you type, past the coding in the about me section and write up what you want underneath, the coding wont show up as text so dont worry.

name: Seth

nickname: Star

zodiac sign: libra 

height: 5'2

what's your middle name?: Erica

shoes you wore today: white nikes

your weakness: hot men

your fear: That deep down all my friends hate me

goal you would like to achieve this year: Getting a partner

best physical feature: Hair? ive been complimented on it before

who is your bestest friend?: My friend Miles :))

your most cherished memory: The first time I went to Disneyland with my Bsf

pepsi or coke?: Coke specifically from Mexico

mcdonalds or burger king?: Mcdonalds

single or group dates?: single

what is the last song you sang?:Heartbeat-Childish Gambino

does playing the guitar make a person more attractive?: Yes 

have you ever drank?: no

have you ever been drunk?: no

have you ever smoked?:  no

do you sing?: only 4 fun

do you want to go to college?: i guess 

have you ever been in love?: No I personally don't believe in love at my age

do you want to get married?: YES

do you believe in yourself?: nope

do you believe in others?: yes

do you like thunderstorms?: sometimes 

do you play an instrument?: No

what country would you like to visit?:Italy

how many CDs do you own?: none

how many DVDs do you own?: none

how many tattoos do you have?: none

how many piercings do you have?: 2, ears and nose percings

how many things in the past do you regret?: everything??


shoes: DCs

drink: strawberry lemonade.

car: Low riders

place: swap meets and drive ins

song:Vampire love-Young bruh

movie: Mid90s

moment: in life? idk 

colour: Cyan Ocean Blue

meal:Queso Birria con consume 


eye colour: ermm a dark brown 

hair colour: Black I need to redye it

short or long hair: Im growing it out

body type: uhh idk

ethnicity: Mexican

do you think you are attractive?:no im a soild 4/10 maybe 5 on a good day

cuddles in general?: idk Ive never cuddled so idk if I like them

what time is it?: 9:10 pm

what are you listening to?: NLE CHOPPA 

is it raining?: no sadly

how many spacehey friends do you have?: 60 something

are you happy?: no.

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