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Diary Entry 4

Dear Diary,

          I am being forced to dress like an elf and serve cookies and hot cocoa to kids at work to meet Santa!!! I hate kids! I can’t handle adults let alone kids! Wowwie I’m more nervous being here than the kids meeting Santa!! Well at least my brother bought me some food that helped soothe my nerves a little bit…

          But some of these kids are cute, it gives me baby fever… Seeing a little girl scream Santa, jump in place, and tackle hug him was so so so so cute… It made me want to have a little version of me running round! I know how unbearable kids can be tho! So I know I won’t ever have one, no matter how cute they can be sometimes! Whatever!!!!

          I hope I never have to dress up like an elf again. This is so embarrassing!

Sincerely, Miki

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