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i cleansed the comments on that one proship blog go me, everything that exists now are those in agreement or those that have actual respectful arguments against it. i still have comments on but im turning them off if ppl get annoying again (hopefully not, the blog should be dead by now) so now i can put this shit to rest

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wa wa ppl dont agree with me defending pedos get a life bru

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why do u keep coming back to comment after the initial post was long dead do u want an autograph or something?

by silver!! 🌈🚢; ; Report

ik ur too embarrassed to ask its ok snookum i made one for u cuz i love my fans. #enjoy.

by silver!! 🌈🚢; ; Report

(sorry for necroposting) you should get a life if all you want to do is come back to a 15 year old's post that may have been in bad taste jeez (neutral)

by AmariHBNK; ; Report

HAHA you're so real for this

by lesbian-l0ser; ; Report