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Introducing myself :)

hello : )

im new in here and im not very familiar with everything about profile making and stuff so i decided i might as well just post a blog with everything i might want to add about me. Feel free to send a friend request if you find me interesting !!

my name is isa, im 17 going on 18 TT.

i really like kpop and urban latin music, i love to dance and sing, to play videogames, sleep and eat, im really into decorating stuff and such... i have six cats and three dogs. i absolutely love sanrio and yes, the lowercase is intended (ill only use capital letters for screaming tbh). 

i love dyeing my hair cute colors, im in 7th grade (there's lore behind that) and uhmmm i really dont know much else i can sayy... my favourite color is white and my favourite videogame is valorant but i play many more such as fortnite, fall guys, kart rider rush, hotel hideaway and some others. my favourite music artists are blackpink, ive, kep1er, maría becerra and tiago pzk. my first language is spanish but i can speak fluent english, so generally, if i dont add apostrophes its because im just too lazy.


this post might look a little dry and amateur but im really new to this and i hope i can stay in this platform for very long as it gives me a very comforting feeling even when i wasnt really around when myspace was a thing. please, if youre older than 21 dni!! im a little scared of older people tbh, nothing personal tho


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