im not upset about ppl commenting random hate on my post(s) regarding the proship stuff, besides it being annoying it doesnt affect me. but i do feel bad for the innocent ppl that feel validated because of that post seeing all the hateful comments, and i dont want to make people feel bad, even incidentally.

i dont want to turn off the comments, because i want people to be able to express their opinions and ask questions, but i also dont want any more ridiculous troll comments. ill probably do something though, either

1. delete all troll comments, and keep the constructive ones

or 2. turn off comments altogether because constructive comments are few and far between anyways.

either way, ill most likely do something about it. for anyone that agreed with my post and felt seen or whatever, im happy i could help and im sorry people are so annoying on this website LMAO

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John Doe (Neuvillette)

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How mental are you? How’s your family doing!

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good!! i just visited my great aunt the other day and helped take care of her. hru?

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its a mental disorder, ask any psychologist in the world and they will tell you that someone who is struggling with disordered attractions should seek help and have a safe space to recover from them. what is so crazy about recovering from a disorder to you people LMAO

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Zoophilia and pedophilia IS NOT a mental disorder you idiot ass motherfucker!

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Yea. ADHD, autism, depression, bipolar, anxiety, bpd, OSDD, did, are MENTAL disorders NOT: zoophilia, pedophilia, incest, and whatever else your sick ass mind thinks.

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furry homestuckers

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you are incredibly ill

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