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i hope u guys kno this person drew cp

idk the artists name but they drew this art n shit they drew CP I was told I'm pretty sure

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GERBO !!!!

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bruh there art back in 2021 was my inspo and omg they suck so much ass I hate them

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literally I hate them they made me go thru a big ass ratears phase

by angel; ; Report

ur profile got me tweakin

by angel; ; Report

whats the artist name ?

by ☆ JAYYY ☆; ; Report

i don't remember cuz they all hwd the same names like "puppy vomit" or some shit but I can name "canihaspromo" who was another inspo but they like kids

by GERBO !!!!; ; Report

ohhh ya they're def weird but also its sad cuz canihaspromo is only 15 X_X

by ☆ JAYYY ☆; ; Report