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it's been a while since i've been on here

well uh... hi yall! idk how many ppl will see this post specifically but i'm going to start using spacehey more now :3 i fell back into other social medias but im getting,,,, burnt out w them

the only "main" social media i enjoy using anymore is tumblr and even then staff fucks it up all the time so... eugh

anyway!! i miss spacehey and the mobile app??? im gonna be on here way more cuz of it tbh .... i can finally be silly on spacehey On The Go !!

also, ive missed yall :(( i was super happy to find some cool ppl on here but never rlly got the chance to properly get to know anyone so im gonna try to be more active :3

alright i think thats abt it,,, have a great day :3 (also. putting a similar post on my bulletin tee hee)

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