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I cried to my mum bc i'm not a teenager in the 2000's FOR 2 HOURS OML

I cried to my mum for two hours bc im not a teen in the 2000's

I was crying and laughing at the same time bc its so silly but I'm genuenly hurt like-

I WANNA WAKE UP IN MY ROOM FULL OF POSTERS, GO EVERYWHERE WITH MY DREAM WARDROBE AND THE FLIP PHONES!!!! BFFR I just wanna get rid of smartphones and I wanna put rignstones on my phone and I WOULD FLIP THAT MF.  

It's so not fair tho. Imagine tho, I would be in my mid 30-ies rn. Im honestly so jealous of my mum and she says that she hated the fashion!?!?!!?! WHAT!? LIKE HOW TF CAN YOU HATE THE 2000'S FASHION!?!?!? 

I might go and see Avril Lavigne in Pulla next year. CAN'T WAIT XX!!

+ currently listening to Tokio Hotel and ML TOM MF KAULITZ! It is so not fair he's like 34 rn I think. Btw dm me to talk abt music and stuff, luv dat. 

Till next time, xoxo <3

luv u <33

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ah dont get too beat up over it, that time had its horrible issues too that wouldve kept you from really living the fantasy you imagine it could be. be happy that you get to be alive to experience the now :> because whether you like it or not, the now is all we have

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Youre so sweet<333 thank you though, i do know that its just it bothers me sometime :)))

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emo f★g ??

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So real 1!1!

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Literally me. < /3

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Stop yes like its like so not fair!! :cc

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fr, should'a been born in the 2000's

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too real

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IKR so not fair.

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