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1. basic DNI criteria (homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist, ETC.)

2. anti-furry, anti-selfship

3. if you make fun of people's interests / participate in cancel culture

4. if your name is victoria

5. if you make fun of people's triggers

6. edgy/"dark" humor (racism, transphobia, FULL ON OFFENSIVE)

7. if you do not like any of my interests, get out. (as in, if you openly dislike. if we do not share interests, that's okay-ish.)

8. NSFW demonizer (it's ok to not like it; i mean people SHAMING it)

9. under fourteen or over eighteen (unless we're already friends)

10. if you like gore ("i can handle it, heh...")

11. if you're overly pessimistic

12. if you're a friend collector

13. if you support DSMP (specifically dream)

14. often use the smiley emote. other variations ( :3, c: C:, :], :o) ) are fine.

15. if you're a prick/often a dry texter. (PLEASE use tonetags...)

16. if you're miles (/ij)

| * if you apply to any of these, i will deny your friend request. otherwise, please interact! |


* before you interact, i want you to know these.


1. i tend to crush on fictional characters and make many jokes about this, though it depends on the context and how close we are. this is a big thing for me so if you aren't a big fan of this, i suggest not interacting.

2. i tend to make NSFW/dirty jokes, though this depends on context and closeness. if this makes you uncomfortable (or if a specific thing i say is off), say so!

3. i can and will ramble about stuff i like. DNI if you can't handle it, i am not catering to you.


| * this'll be edited as those are the only things i can think of. |

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whoaoaoaoaooooaoaoaoooaaa oaooo story of undertale

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this is why i call you jeeremy

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hi Derek

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* Fuck You

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* Cry

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i AM fuck u DEREK.

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* Loser

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