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I hate ontario so much

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Hi.  Im outside rn. its too hot i cant handle this HEATTT. Like it was literally snowing liek....what..  3 weeks ago??? i think? now its +25-30 degrees C??? what the actual hell brah. im burning out here. Ontario weather is literally bipolar WHYYYY i cant handle this. Anyways. NEW MCR SONG??? WTAF??? i was so shocked. STILL AM. its so good. now im waiting for paramore,sws and » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

HI GUYZ HOW DO U UPLOAD A PIC ON HERE i suck at this PLZ TELL ME OK BAI » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

HAIIIII havent done one of these in 4ever! anyways my and my bff lex were matching 2day » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

HEY DUDES WAZZUP FIRST BLOG ENTRY :D anyways this week has been so good oh my god. Literally freaked out for hours 2 days ago bc PTV COMMENTED ON MY TIKTOK HELLOO;/?P(@(&^@(*&&(@$&) AND then vic liked my instagram post LITERALLY what is life rn. Other than that yesterday was the last day of school before march  break HAPPY MARCH BREAK!! Okay i think thats it so BYE PPLZ  » Continue Reading

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