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"waiting for GREYDAY on sunday"

government calls me elisabeth, but the aliens call me akira~15 :3

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Category: Writing and Poetry

Lately ive been talking to God again. ive been praying and trying to connect with him, as he used to be my best friend when i was younger. i feel the same connection but im confused as to way they say God saved them. i cannot understand that because why hasnt god saved me? its confusing.  im confused. my emotions are too much for my fragile body to handle and i can feel the decay throughout my bod... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

have you ever felt a feeling so draining you couldn't even think without feeling exhaustion? i could only describe it as the feeling you get when a roller coaster drops, when you get that gut wrenching feeling, the gag you feel every time you swallow because you're so nauseous, the feeling of your eyes tearing up mid sentence, the paranoia crushing you with its weight, when your head is so loud yo... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

do you know what i am? im a fairy im an alien im everything you can think of im everywhere im nowhere im in the sky above :3 i fly like an angel im as beautiful as a swan but you can never have my heart as im already in love as painful as love is i still give it my all but sometimes i wonder is this worth my all? that thought passes quickly it burns out like a flame not because im happy but becaus... » Continue Reading

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