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at last, a dream !!

Category: Pets and Animals

ever since i was in the 4th grade, i have had this intense obsession with catss.  now, there was no rhyme or reason to this, i just was . i guess 1 day i woke up and said to myself, " my world now revolves around this specific animal ." and to this day, thats how its been. and of course, i wanted one as well. alwayz had this dream that i would have like this white cat with black or brown or even g... » Continue Reading

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ty redbubble c:

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

i rlly rlly wanted to get the cute Gloomy Bear purse and 2 notebooks from the official Gloomy Bear site but they dont ship to where i live xdd  with that said, i literally looked everywhere for alternatives and GAH TYSM REDBUBBLE :33 » Continue Reading

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profile changing xd

Category: Blogging

gah, im so in love w just changing my profile picture and editing images and layout !! its so nice to see the finish product ~^~ we'll see how long the pastel lasts this time xd but i do luv it how it is ! its so pretty aghhh » Continue Reading

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