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Block & Report Link Base

Category: SpaceHey

Block Link: https://spacehey.com/block?id=[insert user id here] Report Link: https://spacehey.com/report?type=user&id=[insert user id here] » Continue Reading

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🚫 DNI (Do Not Interact) 🚫

Category: SpaceHey

🚫 P*dos. 🚫 Z**philes. 🚫 N*cr*philes 🚫 N*zis, just fuckin stop you worthless piece of shit. 🚫 R*cists. 🚫 R*pists. 🚫 Homophobes/ transphobes/ xenophobes. 🚫 Ppl who romanticize or make SH 'pretty'. It's not funny or cute, it's serious and I want you to fucking realize that. (also ppl who only do it for attention, ya'll need to really see someone, doin that is not healthy at all.) 🚫 TRAUMA SHAMERS/ VI... » Continue Reading

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🌸 BYF (Before You Friend) 🌸

Category: SpaceHey

Honestly most of these are just my red flags. 🌸 I do have problems that I cannot get therapy or any help for (sh issues 'n other shit). Meaning I make way too many vents posts. I also tend to make jokes about my problems, I cope through humor and art- 🌸 I have ADD. 🌸 I like fictional gore, not real gore. Please do not get those mixed up. And not in a weird or sexualization way, just in a 'huh, tha... » Continue Reading

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❂ My Art

Category: Art and Photography

Creepy Art (monsters/ cw: body horror) :3 » Continue Reading

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My Favorite Songs (W.I.P.)

Category: Music

Nails Like God by McCafferty The song "Nails Like God" by McCafferty explores themes of fear, vulnerability, and the inner struggle to find meaning and purpose in life. In the opening lines, the narrator's eyes meet someone else's on the floor, while bullets ring out above them. This imagery suggests a chaotic and dangerous environment, potentially mirroring the challenges and difficulties of life... » Continue Reading

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Discord DMs

Category: SpaceHey

eepy roach apology blog. UPDATE: HIS ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER HERE (I CANNOT FIND HIM IN MY BLOCK LIST) since his account got either banned or deleted, I can say who it was. It was a guy named 'Eepy Roach'. (one part from my bulletin 'bout this, then a continuation below it.) "so i got this lovely discord dm today. i'm not gonna say who did this cuz i looked 'im up and alotta my friends on here are fr... » Continue Reading

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Where I Find All My Stuff

Category: SpaceHey

Blinkies: 1 2 3 4 5 (this website is a bit weird ig) Stamps: 1 2 Buttons: 1 2 Extras: 1 2 3 4 » Continue Reading

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