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36 question survey

Category: Quiz/Survey

These questions are meant to be asked aloud between you and a possible romantic partner. These are just a few questions meant to spark conversation and mutual understanding. And I'm going to just answer all 36. Not because I expect love to come from it, but if that's a goal of these questions when done right, then doing them as a personality quiz might be simply comprehensive. Start: 1) If you cou... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

While I was born and raised in New England, and have never left the US (aside form a singular trip lasting an hour or two to Canada for a cheaper vet) my accent is "not american" and throws people off. I myself don't even know where it really came from. People often mistake me for either an Aussie, Kiwi, Brit, or generally just "not from here". As someone who can't stand the US, that puts a smile ... » Continue Reading

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I have a great many names. And here they are:

Category: Life

My Names: Ryan (Birth, First) . Andrew (Preferred nominal nomenclature; Birth, Middle) Duxbury (Birth, Last) . Ennis-Shank (Future legal, Facebook, Last) . Soulless (Preferred nomenclature) . Soulless DCLXVI (Universal username) . Soulless Morningstar (Alternate username) . LHOE (Rarely used nickname; given by friends. Pronounced Low-Eee) . Morguen Hoshi (Satanic Pseudonym/VRChat name) [Morguen - ... » Continue Reading

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