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Lgbtq, redneck who lives life and be happy (mostly)

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why im no longer friends with jinx

Category: Life

reason: shes done some messed up shit LOL! so heres my message to her: get canceled and never go on the internet and outside again! thats all!  » Continue Reading

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Pls read

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Hi, sooo Its been a while huh. Ummm sooo i wanna say this, STOP SENDING ME YOUR FUCKING VERSES OR WHATEVER. No i dont go to church, no im not christian, yes im atheist and a nihilist. So stop it! Stop saying i hate you because of you religion, i dont hate anyone because of their beliefs. Stop spreading misinfo about me and my beliefs. Stop sending me verses and shit. No you wont ever convince me a... » Continue Reading

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I won’t read friend requests or accept them anymore

Category: SpaceHey

It’s been a while And im getting to much friends, and a few of friends don’t wanna be friends with people who have over like 1,000 friends or something and to prevent that. Im not accepting ur request thank you and have a nice day! -classic Don’t unfriend me if ur already friends because I wanna be ur friend but just saying no one can refriend  me or sent a friend request period. You’ll just forge... » Continue Reading

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Eeeeee im excited. (Tw: bottom surgery and other inappropriate topics)

Category: Life

Im going to get bottom surgery and remove my gental so that way i can finally identify as agender. Bottom surgery in 2 months. Im counting down. » Continue Reading

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Am i birtish-american

Category: Life

Awnser: yes but, i have other heritages too you know. I just love identifying as British.  No im not racist, i love all cultures, races but yeah, » Continue Reading

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Mental health

Category: Life

Recently, my mental health has been batshit crazy so, i might need to see someone but yeah. Hopefully, you guys are doing ok! » Continue Reading

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Twitch is killing itself.

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Yall know the drama and ima just say it. The state of twitch is very crazy rn, so much drama and the latest policy change is a sign its diying and im not going to get into the drama because, its very long so its time we put twitch in the coffin.  R.I.P Twitch 2011 - 2022 You wont be missed. » Continue Reading

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