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Any music suggestionz???

Category: Music

I want 2 discover more 90s/2000s songz :)) I like indie pop, pop punk, and vocaloid!! (my fav is gumi :] ) But i like most genres » Continue Reading

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Quiz!!! :DD

Category: Quiz/Survey

1. name? Bee 2. whats ur zodiac? Leo, moon in cancer and rising in sagittarius 3. mbti result? INFP  4. sexuality and gender? Bi and she/her 5. what pokemon type would you be? Water or fairy type 6. moral alignment? idk i think im a neutral tho 7. fav aesthetics? Just 2000s stuff and Alt 8. pepsi or coke? Coke but i like Dr Pepper better 9. favorite fast food restaurant? Subway, mcdonald's, and ch... » Continue Reading

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How do u upload pictures to a blog??

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I wanted 2 start putting my art on here but idk how to upload a picture on my blogs xP so if u know how to pls tell me!! » Continue Reading

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Where i get my blinkies and stampz!!! (plus the code 2 put them on ur page)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Here is where i find my favorite blinkies. Ill add more the more websites i find :> Glitter Graphics: the community for graphics enthusiasts! plasticdino ☆ Kidcore wonderland ☆ Mike's Graphics stamps nd shit Stamps, Blinkies, and Other Weird Miscellaneous Shit, Part DOS!!!! - ren's Blog | SpaceHey blinkies & other cool gifs! - CJ's Blog | SpaceHey mp4's graphic resources! //SUKIYAKI CITY\\ jade's ... » Continue Reading

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My school was on fire >:33

Category: School, College, University

There was an electrical fire during lunch and they made us go outside so they can stop the fire and everyone was mad because they couldn't eat lunch but i brought my lunch so I got to eat :DD » Continue Reading

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I got new shoes >:D

Category: Blogging

I got new Converse because my other ones were worn out (I'll still wear them though ;3) » Continue Reading

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Free Manga!!

Category: Books and Stories

My Social Studies Enrichment teacher is giving his old Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat to his students for free and I got most of his Shojo Beat! :D » Continue Reading

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School is insane :')

Category: School, College, University

These people are shooting staples at each other and blasting random sounds during a test while the teacher gone :')) » Continue Reading

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