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Fallout 4 Entry: Chicken In A Biskit?

Category: Games

Hey, everyone! Had this really funny experience in real life and ingame, although lemme explain to you how my world's built.. I play fallout on a very, survival-esque setting where the entirety of the Commonwealth has frozen over down to temperatures as low as -10F (-23.3333C) and things can get hairy if you don't find proper warmth soon. There's other things that are grand challenges in my playth... » Continue Reading

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Getting rid of my "Blogging Anxiety"!

Category: Life

Wanted to finally start typing something instead of staring at the Create Blog Entry button.. Hi there! I don't know if I made it into a blog or bulletin last time, but I really wanted to share my little adventures in Fallout 4, which I've modded to hell and back but if I could, I'd wanna show off the cool guns, collectibles and scenery I've come across! To properly show them, however- I wanted to... » Continue Reading

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Nostalgic Sites!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

SpaceHey really brings me back to my Heyday on the internet when Newgrounds rumble was new and I still remembered my Gaia password. All the memories are flooding back, all of a sudden I'm feeling the rush to watch some Happy Tree Friends or something just browsing this site.. Anyone have any sites they used to constantly go to? Any sites that were brought down and you'd wish they were still up? (S... » Continue Reading

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