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Dumb schizo fox news-watching ram 1500 driver yells at me

Category: Life

Some dude took a bunch of photos of me and told me to leave his neighborhood cause i was pulled over on my phone reading texts, he said i looked sketchy and that i could be trying to steal a car blah blah blah. Bruh said i was trying to steal a car WHEN I WAS ALREADY IN A CAR  » Continue Reading

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angry drama rant oooo

Category: Life

this fuckn mousey little B-Word at my school i used to be good friends with for some reason got really sour towards me and when i tried explaining that I suffered a sewerslide attempt they kinda made fun of me for it- so i reasonably unfriended them and stopped talking to them, they betrayed my trust and to be so ungreatful too; i always helped them and thats what i got. fast forward to a week or ... » Continue Reading

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parking at school

Category: Automotive

parking at school is such bullshit, we have our own assigned spaces to park but it dont even matter cause my spot was taken by someone's fuckn sequoia this morning so i just had to circle the lot untill i found one that nobody was using, which in turn made me late for class fml.  » Continue Reading

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