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casual rant about when twilight strikes (its more of a lore dump)

Category: Books and Stories

dude when twilight strikes is so intresting, i love the lore, so basically when twilight strikes is about these 2 hunters - hunters are basically supernatural cops/bounty hunters ngl - names adair and wtv name you choose because one of them is the mc, and you're given this bounty to go after this half-vampire named rylan - hes my favorite i love him so much hes so sarcastic and hes so » Continue Reading

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reasons why i think boreo (theo and boris) from the goldfinch r gay for eachother

Category: Blogging

i beleive boreo is canon and here are my reasons. number one, on page 371 of the goldfinch its heavily implied that that theo and boris get fucked up on vodka and have sex with eachother, and its implied that this happens multiple times.  number two, on page 436 of the goldfinch, boris grabs theos face and kisses him on the lips before they say goodbye until they meet up again as adults.  number t... » Continue Reading

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my kinlist (so far !!)

Category: Blogging

characters: tori himemiya (enstars), engel (fundemental paper education), yukari takeba (persona), stocking (panty & stocking w/ garterbelt), sua (alien stage), ame-chan (needy streamer overload), nagisa momoe (magia record), hana daidayama (yandere sim), oliver aiku (blue lock), oka ruto (yandere sim), tim dr » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

FANDOM'S I'M IN: Fundamental Paper Education Demon Slayer DCU MCU Komi Can't Communicate Alien Stage Legend of Zelda Animal Crossing Vkei/Visual Kei Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus / Riordanverse Heartstopper Hermitcraft / Life series Teen Titans Young Justice YHS / TS Neon Genesis Evangelion The Promised Neverland Poke » Continue Reading

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the quotebook™

Category: Friends

- "Wait which shin do you like? The pathetic one or the evil one? ,, venus - "Georgia is sooo cute 😍" ,, frankie - "I am craving men" ,, syd - "I am going to suck your pelvis" ,, syd - "DUDE I NEED A NAPE" ,, syd - "ALL HES GOOD FOR IS MOANING, AND HE SHOULD BE DOING THAT IN MY BED" ,, syd - "i am pretty big 😈" ,, syd - "NO KEEP THE BOOBS GOING » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

hello !!!! i am finney, rody, or nito (u pick) and uhm im new jere ig most of the time it feels liek im just collecting accounts on social platforms (its so fucking fun)  i mostly joined this 4 my friends,, (jinny and frankie!!! )  atsushi nakajima, shu itsuki, and michael kaiser all have the worst hair cuts in fiction and no one can convince me otherwise ^_^ » Continue Reading

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