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"jing yuan tryng to romance me"

i like cats stuck in 2000s/2010s greece she/her

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i like yandere simulator but i dont support yanderedev!!!!!!1111!!11

Category: Games

soo i download a game called "Yandere no Sutoka" IT LOOK SCARY but ayato aishi caught me >:( and its from 2020 » Continue Reading

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im bored.

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

any revival websites (i want to see it if theres more of revival websites) 2000s » Continue Reading

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some people on youtube asking questions

Category: Blogging

they say on my videos "Where i can find the app?" "what's the apps name?" and many more » Continue Reading

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my jaw dropped

Category: Games

i saw ayato aishi and my jaw dropped (original picture from » Continue Reading

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