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"probs depressed"

i play guitar idk what else to add..

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hiya pal, I'm Mickey Mouse! No I'm not I'm fid/fid-fid/fidfid but I am a huge Disney fan ( happy 100th anniversary Disney!! ). she/her. My friend myx (mikey) sometimes uses they/them when talking abt me idk why but I'm okay with that too. I'm 15. I love Halloween. I hate Christmas/New Year. I have anger issues. I love Octavia (I relate to her a lot) and Alastor » Continue Reading

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just a funny lil summary

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haven't posted shit in a long time not (end of term) exam week today I had German and ms gave us all a book to read and it's legit THE TWILIGHT just realised I'm int he background and I look like an alien lol had to take the pic from my laptop so the camera's shitty I'm willing to continue this book tmrw I had my german exam yesterday and it was the third and last exam that day alone and it was th... » Continue Reading

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my first shitpost!!

Category: School, College, University

hiya homo sapiens I came cuz of my friend also I came to shitpost I hate doing cs hw on paper at that our cs teacher can go fhs I desperately hope she does she might get fired alastor's my lil deer boy » Continue Reading

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