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"kissing Chuuya from bsd /silly "


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About me !!

Category: Friends

Im scared of people. β™‘ I uhm... Am very weird and annoying, β™‘ And i like reading. β™‘ Im bad with people so talking with me is pretty akward but im not trying to be rude i can promise you that. β™‘ Please be patient with me i get distracted easily and zone out often so that may be why I dont answer you (or im asleep). β™‘ Im trans (ftm) and a minor. β™‘ Im bad at spelling and I can be pretty sensitive abo... » Continue Reading

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Wanna know more?

Category: Friends

𓂃 ΰ£ͺΛ– ִָ֢𐀔  Rentrys and !!! We'll make more later w more facts. :3 Check them out !!! 1st one has overall info !! 2nd one has info on our alters !!! » Continue Reading

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DNI + BYF list

Category: SpaceHey

DNI   THOSE DSMP stans, proshippers, usual DNI list here, and thats about it !! otherwise youre completely fine !! (also please be careful abt tonetags, if you dont use them I will not know whether you are joking or not. So please use tonetags !!) Toxic fans of ANY fandom Rcta/ecta if youre only going to hate on my interests when talking to me then js dont friend me 😭😭 (theres like no point) Hate ... » Continue Reading

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Queztion center !!

Category: Friends

Azk me anything! Thiz iz a blog for anyone who iz confuzed abt anything that iz on my blog or profile and iznt friended to me! I dont bite, zo juzt let me know! » Continue Reading

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