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19 y/o high school student obsessed w/ 90s and 00s pop culture

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2021: a yr of change, isolation, loneliness, tragedy, consequences, discoveries, and growth

Category: Life

wow!! it's been over half a yr since my last blog post. i also just realized that it's gonna b a yr since joining spacehey, starting february 10th. but anyway, let's get 2 the point of this blog post. as u can already tell by the title, 2021 has been a yr of nothing but struggles. it wasn't as bad as 2020, but it still was a rough yr @ least 4 me. b4 and after i joined spacehey, i was facing a lot... » Continue Reading

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add me on aim, yahoo!, icq, and msn

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

recently, early instant messaging platforms such as aim, msn, and yahoo! have been making a comeback. 2 all those who didn't know, aim, msn, icq, and yahoo! were sum of the earlier instant messaging platforms popular during the 1990s and 2000s. they remained popular during those times, however, by the early 2010s, those platforms started 2 decline in favor of skype, imessages, snapchat, hangouts, ... » Continue Reading

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i'm TIRED of social media "influencers"

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

this probably may or may not come as a surprise 2 anyone, but i am FUCKING TIRED of social media "influencers." yes, i used quotation marks bc they rlly don't influence anything @ all. all they do is get into drama and scandals, come after marginalized groups by making fun of them, get plastic surgery and deceive their followings by saying that they haven't done so otherwise, photoshop their pictu... » Continue Reading

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the 2010s were an AWFUL time 4 fashion

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

unpopular opinion: the 2010s were an AWFUL time 4 fashion and beauty. I SAID WHAT I SAID!! so, recently, i have watched this video: and it made me think "WOW! THOSE R WHAT HAVE BEEN THE NORM 4 SO LONG!?" as an 18 y/o who grew up in the late 2000s and 2010s, i wasn't all that interested in fashion back then, but 4 the past year or two, i have taken... » Continue Reading

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tryna figure this shit out smh + first ever blog entry

Category: SpaceHey

so i've been on spacehey 4 the past 2 months now, it's still in its beta phase, and i STILL dk how 2 customize my profile, i just made my first bulletin, and now i'm making my first ever blog entry smh... when i was a child, social networking platforms like myspace, aim, icq, msn, yahoo, geocities, hi5, and livejournal were all the rage. so, i missed out on all that. now we r in the day and age of... » Continue Reading

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