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Callout for "mako (burjer king)" (

Category: Blogging

This is not to spread hate, nor target harassment towards Mako, but to simply warn others about what she’s done. It was a typical Sunday morning, everything was going smoothly between us, Mako wanted to confess something in IMs, so obviously like the nosy b itch I am, I agreed. Only a few moments later would I read that she had participated in 9/11. Fucking 9/11. I tried to act cool about it, alth... » Continue Reading

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Images I’ve made!

Category: Blogging

Note - May take a bit to load! Be patient! Will be updated over time. Site stuff I made this as a section for people who do wanna use the button to my site but don’t wanna use it on neocities like it’s designed to be, so here you go! Just copy and paste the code, and you can put it anywhere! » Continue Reading

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Rant about gore accounts (mainly about how people act about them)

Category: SpaceHey

Listen, I don’t like them as much as the next guy, I’m pretty sure the majority of this site doesn’t, but oh my GOD the way people deal with them is just so annoying. Your little accounts trying to push them down aren’t gonna do anything, the constant blogs warning people about the lastest one are only gonna make you look like a fool in the future. It’s been said so many times, it’s starting to be... » Continue Reading

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