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abt me !!!

Category: Blogging

✮ hiii im seras !!       ✮  my pronouns r she/they but they/them is  fine ✮ ill be friends with almost anybody and im very active on discord so if ur interested in being friends pls send me a req » Continue Reading

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silly story abt urs truly !

Category: Life

there was this time where i was talking to this person who i thought was so cool nd stuff so i decided to actually keep talking to them and like interact with them instead of being awkward what not, right?? so, things are going great and this is probably the 2nd month of us talking and they bring smth up that's like "yea, uni has been SOOO hard on me lately.. idk what to do." and for a moment, i w... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

yall i hate onions sm like omg.. i wish i could js delete all onions from the world and like js cleanse the earth from them cuz aint no way onions are a natural thing that ppl actually enjoy. those nasty ass things are OUTLANDISH and so are the ppl that like them cuz aint no way u can rlly eat smth with onions in them knowing good nd well that yo breath gon be smelling like spicy hot horse shit an... » Continue Reading

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