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i’m back from the dead

Category: SpaceHey

ok hi i missed u beautiful ppl  i am in a completely different country if you didn’t already see my non stop vlogs in bangladesh - i’m boiling in the heat but i love it so much. i’ve never felt so happy and so at home ever. the only downside is the lack of safety for women and hindus i am both and a walking target but oh wells it’s okay it’s fun here. also second thing. why am i so useless. i have... » Continue Reading

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dopamine detox & third eye opening day one

Category: Religion and Philosophy

ok so i watched jay kaizens tiktoks and now im having a ✨spiritual awakening✨  his playlist on the matrix is crazy. like it makes a lot of sense and it’s given me a new perception of life. i can slowly feel my third eye opening. i watched his youtube video too on dopamine detox and i’ve decided to join him although - i used tiktok for five minutes today, not to scroll but to watch more jay kaizen ... » Continue Reading

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sugar daddy

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

i want a sugar daddy that pays me for being me bc i just believe that is necessary and makes sense like why shouldn’t i be paid for existing » Continue Reading

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Hinduism & Spirituality - Part 1

Category: Religion and Philosophy

ok i know i chat a lot of bs on here but now i realise i might as well use this platform to actually rant and see if there are other people in the same situation as me.    i am from a muslim family but me personally i practice hinduism; probably gonna get a lot of hate for that but i literally don’t care i’ll just block. Anyways it’s Holi tmrw, for those of you that don’t know in summary it’s the ... » Continue Reading

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Category: News and Politics

ok so like i was just thinking about why i should b president and honestly there are a lot of reasons: firstly i would introduce a better welfare state where everyone would get paid for being hot.  secondly our passports wud b pink nd sparkly no more guns the only guns r the ones that shoot glitter or cash  our national anthem will be reimagined nd sung by doja cat  cheaters would have to pay a fi... » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

hi i need ur help ok thanks for reading ok love u  so i need to update my portfolio bc i’m bored nd want some inspo, pls pls pls i would appreciate if u gherkins could comment w some of your favourite research topics/designers for me to look into mwah mwah mwah ok kisses love u 💕 love mya x » Continue Reading

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i love every single one of you beautiful ppl

Category: Friends

pls reading my comments and messages jus makes me so happy you guys are the best species of humans like ur jus the best and so SO funny nd kind and sweet mwah u deserve unconditional love and happiness ok gna stop being cheesy have a good day mwah kisses hugs  love mya » Continue Reading

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apple music h8 page

Category: Music

ok i hate apple music can we bring back mp3 players asw bc WHY HAVE MY PLAYLISTS DISAPPEARED. spotify supremacy >> » Continue Reading

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