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"Life is a joke, so point and laugh β˜› hΜ·aΜ·hΜ·aΜ·hΜ³Μ·Μ³aΜ³hΜ½Ν“Μ·Μ½Ν“aΜ½Ν“"


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(•Μͺ●)=/Μ΅/’ΜΏΜΏ ΜΏ ΜΏ ΜΏ ΜΏ ΜΏ ΜΏ πš—πš˜πš πš–πšžπšœπš’πšŒ β‚ŠΛšβŠΉβ™‘

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. M O V I E S . Flower Donnie Darko Waking Life What Dreams May Come The Chumscrubber The Cell Homeroom American Beauty Water Lillies Show Me Love Lost In Translation Apart The Florida Project Welcome to the Dollhouse Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Dead Poets Society Great Expectations Cruel Intentions Dazed and Confused Ghost World The Virgin Suicides White Bird in a Blizzard The Falling M... » Continue Reading

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hello welcome to whatever this is thank you for attending this is my meat suit it came with a lot of shitty organs i do a lot of sitting in a chair like this being annoyed at this non-consensual 3D consciousness someone could live a full and fulfilling life with the collective hours i've spent searching for music why why why i am always asking why but guess what there are no answers hahahahΜ·aΜ·hΜ·aΜ·... » Continue Reading

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